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Youth Football Club Rules

XIX. PLAYERS/COACHES EJECTIONThe choice to apply his own disciplinary policy for banned players, the expelled player is always subject to the rules of the FYFCL. Any player banned from one game will be banned from the next and the next game. If a player is banned a second time during the same season, the player`s actions will be reviewed by a grievance committee for possible additional sanctions or suspensions for the remainder of the season. Any coach ejected from a game must leave the field immediately. TheCoach will be automatically banned for the next match. All coach`s exclusions will be heard by a complaints committee to decide if further action should be taken. The Youth Football Festival is played in accordance with the rules of Hungarian football (which are in accordance with FIFA rules). The English text applies to the interpretation of the Regulations. A club can participate with several teams and several age groups. A club can participate with several teams in the same age group. However, a team can only participate in one age group. • A pair line of five men – in the “box” is also allowed – E G C G.

E – (double tight, where both ends/receivers may be eligible) • All basic rules of football apply to eligible recipients and covered purposes Referees are members of the Hungarian Football Association and foreign referees from other football associations may also be invited. Each match is sanctioned by the official committee of the Youth Football Festival. From the age groups U8 to U12 one referee works, from U13 to U17 three referees (one referee and two assistants). • A turnover is marked as a first down at the point of the ball for the team that gets possession • Six (6) points are awarded for a touchdown. • One (1) point conversion from the three-yard line. • Two (2) points on five (5) yards. • Two (2) points for safety. • Cones mark boundaries on all sides of the field. Tiebreaker for all matches – Draws are allowed.

There is no time for tiebreakers. This is an 8-game round-robin tournament. Timeout – If a team fails to field a team per playing time (10 minutes after the hour), the head official declares a loss to the team that did not produce enough players to play the game according to the rules. For each team that loses a game, the fine is the cost of officials. Honoraria is payable to the league director. XXVI. SCOUTINGThe participation in football teams is allowed in the form of videotapes, films and written reports. Testing is only allowed during a match situation.

Screening for any type of practice is strictly prohibited. Florida Youth Football & Cheer League AAU football games will be played in accordance with the 2013 National Federation of State High School (NFHS) football rules, with the exception of the following FYFCL amendment. Each club league should have its own copy of the NFHS Florida High School rules as well as this FYFCL addendum handy for all games and drills. To obtain a copy of the NFHS, write to the National Federation at PO Box 690, Indianapolis, IN, 46206, Web address:, or to the NCAA at PO Box 6222, Indianapolis, IN, 46206-6222, Web address: Classes U13-U17 Boys – Full-size football fields Player Equipment: All players participating in this league, which is a tackle football program, must be properly equipped and this equipment must include but not limited to: 1. Football shorts, including knee pads, thighs, hip guards, tailbone pads and sports cups (a football belt can be used instead of hip guards). Defense • The defensive team consists of eight (8) players on the field. • The basic defensive formation is 3 – 3 – 2. • Defensive formations allowed: 4 – 2 – 2, 3-4-1, 3 – 3 – 2 or a 3 – 2 – 3. • Only three (3) defensive players are allowed at the line of scrimmage inside the box. The three-man defensive line is used against a four-man offensive formation. • ALL three defensive linemen must be in a low position – 3-point posture.

• A fourth defensive lineman can be used against a five-point player in the box formation. This formation now consists of two (2) D tackles and two (2) D ends, of which both (2) D ends can now be in the 2-point position. • In the four-man defense, both (2) inside linemen must be in a low position. • In all defensive formations, the extremities must be within one meter of the offensive personnel. • All non-defensive linemen (i.e. linebackers, safeties and corners) must be at least four (4) yards from the line of scrimmage and cannot advance until the ball is slammed. NO FLASHING IS ALLOWED. In particular, the only defensive players who can squeeze the passer are the aforementioned defensive lineman.

Non-defensive linemen can have either pass coverage or a spying responsibility on the QB in case the QB crosses the line of scrimmage and runs the ball. 8-person arena football limits the protection of a QB, so the “no blitzing” rule is necessary for safety and to promote the passing game. • Exceptions: (1) A non-defensive lineman may flash when an offensive player other than QB attempts a pass.