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Words for Positive Legally Blonde

The film is loved by many for its quick humor and positive attitude, and especially for the determination and power of Reese Witherspoon`s portrayal of Elle Woods, which stands out as a symbol of inspiration even through some of the smallest aspects of the film that haven`t aged as well, as evidenced by several quotes from Legally Blonde. While this quote may not be the most eloquent and wise, the meaning behind it remains powerful. Elle`s girlfriend, Paulette, one of Blonde`s most important supporting characters, listens to Elle talk about the woman her ex-boyfriend Warner preferred to her. In so many words, Paulette reminds Elle that she has no reason to be bullied because this other girl is just a person like her. People continue to treat her badly because she seems like that way to them. Elle`s blonde hair, her optimistic posture and her noisy, whimsical outfits make her stereotyped as a “dumb blonde” who deals with fashion, when in reality she is very intelligent. In an iconic moment in the film, Elle Warners takes past words from her, which she said in the middle of the demolition because she didn`t seem serious or smart enough, and turns her around. This marks a point in Elle`s story where she really comes to herself and sees her abilities and realizes how ridiculous it was to pursue Warner`s approval. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into.

There have been a few moments in the last semester when my limits have certainly been tested and almost exceeded. Much of it, however, was placed on myself. I always had a loophole. I could have sacrificed my own creative license to use the choreography of the original production at any time, but I felt it would have betrayed me and the audience. My name would be next to the word choreographer in the program. I couldn`t just go easy out and copy someone else just to give me credit. RELATED: Legal Blonde: 10 Memorable Quotes From Elle Woods I found it really admirable that you didn`t take the choreography from the Broadway production, but created every step of each dance with your own head. As a spectator, I loved watching dance moves that reflected the characters` personalities. The movements of the Greek choir were just as bubbly and spirited as they were, and Kyle and Paulette`s Irish tap dance was dramatic and hilarious. When I saw the show, I didn`t really think about the countless hours that went into choreographing the show.

At that time, the performers resumed the dance, and it was their job to present it to the public every night. If anyone got it wrong, it was essentially a slip for that cast member, not for the choreographer. And then the moment passed and the show continued. This post made me realize how much work is required to create the dance before the show continues, before the rehearsals begin, before you can even teach anything to the performers. Without a determined, creative and risk-taking choreographer, performers would not even have a dance to practice. While other positions on the production team may have plans to work on, choreographers are really challenged to make something out of nothing. It is often assumed that the director has the most creative license in the production of a show, but it is clear that choreographers also have this opportunity and responsibility. Every part of the production team is essential to creating an exciting and fun end product, and Legally Blonde was just that. She has many reasons why she should throw people away and never let anyone in again.

Those she trusts have let her down, like Warner and her teacher, and she constantly faces a world she doesn`t take seriously. She almost gives in to defeat, but by choosing to believe in the right people, she discovers that she is also able to believe in herself. “It`s a tragedy, and every tragedy needs a Greek choir.” “We`re here to help!” “But we`re not really here, we`re just in your head.” A lot has changed since the release of Legally Blonde in 2001. Arguably, some of the jokes don`t hit as well as they did back then, and that while the show claims a powerful female protagonist, it`s not necessarily entirely in line with today`s feminist values. However, Legally Blonde fans won`t let this classic down without a fight. As a spectator, especially if the art director is doing his job properly, you may not realize how much money is invested in a performance. All the hours of rehearsal to fix a chaotic dance section, the rapid changes that take place a few meters from the stage, the hundreds of props that must be in the right place at the right time. But as a member of this artistic panel, you never lose sight of those inner workings and long hours of work, not even when you see that last show on a Sunday two weeks after the show ends. When I saw Legally Blonde`s performances, I was stressed, which wasn`t what I expected. I spent almost every minute of every show with my fists clenched so tightly that I lost all feeling for them several times. When someone stumbled a step in a dance, I would flinch and think everyone watching had seen this mistake.

My eyes fluttered, ignoring the main purpose of the stage in most cases to ensure that the creative vision that I and the rest of the artistic council had for the show reflected in these performances. It was like every time I watched myself dance in the past, but worse because I had no control over these people and their actions.