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Why Is My Whatsapp Business Hanging on Iphone

Even my WhatsApp keeps crashing. I have the iPhone 12 Pro. It is very frustrating. I have a slaver 7 file on my WhatsApp because my WhatsApp is not working. I have enabled automatic download on WhatsApp, can you please help I just bought the iPhone 13 Now I can`t access WhatsApp, Telegraf or Utube via Wi-Fi I am using the iPhone X and have upgraded to the highest version. I did everything possible. It keeps crashing until I delete all my contacts. Is there anything else that can be done? Hi, I can`t open my WhatsApp and tried to delete and reinstall it either. I`ve tried all this and my WhatsApp for Business keeps crashing. He refuses to open. It tries to load and freezes immediately.

I have done everything that has been said here. Nothing works. After deleting and reinstalling WhatsApp, wouldn`t I ask for the same WhatsApp number again? because I`m using a WhatsApp number that I don`t have the SIM card for. I use WhatsApp Business, I can`t open chat rooms Read or reply to messages when the network is connected I checked for updates, but none, if I delete to reinstall, do I lose the chats and groups I`m in? Please help I don`t want to lose this app, it helps my business I recently got an iPhone 11 and I`m trying to put my WhatsApp on it. Keep telling me that it can`t send MSM to my number I provided. In which the old SIM card is located. Detects the carrier I tried, loads and reinstalls the option as well, but it doesn`t work. I can open WhatsApp when it`s in airplane mode, but when it`s connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, it started crashing. Kinldy suggests a viable option without losing data.

Thank you. I deleted WhatsApp for now and just have to wait a bit. Maybe I`m missing something. I have an iPhone 11 and WhatsApp keeps turning off when I try to chat with a particular contact. I can write the contact through WhatsApp Web, but not through my phone. Can you help me? Thanks for the advice, but it didn`t solve my problem. Whatsapp, which worked fine before, stopped working about a week ago. WhatsApp still doesn`t work on my iPhone, even though I tried all the steps above and contacted my carrier. Further suggestions are welcome. I have similar problems with my iPhone XS. I tried all of the above My WhatsApp crashes when I download a status.

Initially, I defined several statuses at the same time, so I was faced with this problem. Even if I download a single status message (just text or a small image), it crashes terribly. It`s so frustrating because my company is based on it. Aayush, thanks for sharing this. We are currently only experiencing unexpected app shutdowns and this is happening for many third-party apps, not just WhatsApp. Apps don`t seem to crash because when you open them again, you can pick up where they were closed. This could be a problem with iOS 14.2. We described it here: . Is that also what you are experiencing? The issues related to the application are not really complicated, especially if the application in question is a third-party application. Just so you know that this problem can be solved by simply deleting the app from your iPhone, but of course, we know that some of you use WhatsApp for Business, so it is better to make it work perfectly on your device.

With that said, here`s what you need to do if WhatsApp Messenger keeps crashing on your iPhone running iOS 13. Hi, my WhatsApp won`t open and just gives me a black screen and then it closes The last one worked for me. It is not at all pleasant to be in the situation, especially if you use your WhatsApp for Business. Thank you very much for your help. Whats App stopped working on my iPhone I deleted and stopped, turned off the phone, phone reset still shows no internet connection My WhatsApp has caused me problems in the last few months, I can post the status, my WhatsApp crashes I am also facing the same problem that WhatsApp crashes like everything, after posting a video about my status. I tried all the steps above except reinstallation. When I reinstall WhatsApp, I lose the data and old chat messages. I didn`t enable backup because my WhatsApp size is 250+GB.

Please suggest the way forward. Hi, please help my iPhone 7 to get weird while using WhatsApp text. jump everywhere BUT not always the case? All ideas are welcome I have the same problem, I have an iPhone 6s that I use for business, it is, it keeps freezing, I have updated, deleted and reinstalled it, and it still has this problem. After the last update, it no longer works. After that, I did what has been said here and updated my iPhone operating system. After the reinstallation, ask for access to my contact list, I answer yes and it closes. I restart and he asks me if he can notify me with sounds, I answer yes and he closes again. After that, when I try to start it, it flashes and closes. I can`t open WhatsApp on my iPhone. I have tried all of the above except delete and reinstall WhatsApp I have 900+ messages, when I uninstall WhatsApp, will all messages be deleted? Whatsapp does not install on my no.

since he gave me the notifications of “Can`t register with this number, use this number that was last used with WhatsApp on this phone”. BT, I use this number only and the last one no. This was used on this device in the same iPhone, it`s the same as what I`m using this time. Please tell me the solution. I`ve always hooked everything I`m using an iPhone 6s with the latest version My iPhone 4 won`t download WhatsApp 8.0, how do I install WhatsApp 7.0? I currently have an iPhone X and can`t make voice or video calls on WhatsApp. I tried everything suggested here and nothing worked. I can`t upload a state video or photo to iPhone 11 Pro Hi David! I don`t know what`s going on, but I keep losing numbers because they keep being banned from using Whatsapp. I lost about 4-5 different numbers, all because of bans for no reason. I use normal WhatsApp & WhatsApp business on my iPhone 11 Pro and the numbers I used in the WhatsApp app continue to be banned. Some don`t even do it up to a day or two of use, but the number in the Whatsapp sector is still active.

What for? Is Whatsapp linked to my Apple ID? Could someone say my Apple ID when they get my message and. Read More » Whats App will play on iPhone. Already deleted/reinstalled, phone erased and restored as new and tried another handset. What does the app still play, glitche, disappear, etc. – can it have anything to do with my Apple profile or settings, or what do you suggest? I found all kinds of solutions. Still, I can`t download status, send or receive messages on WhatsApp. I bought my iPhone 12 20 days ago and have been facing this serious problem ever since. I visited the iPhone service center and talked to iPhone caregivers, and they don`t help me. They said it wasn`t their problem and they should contact the developers. Then I also contacted the WhatsApp developer, but their solution is not convenient. The same WhatsApp works fine on my iPhone 11 and in Android devices like. Read More » Another possibility is that the problem could be due to the app itself.

Sometimes some services that an app uses stop working, and of course, when that happens, the app crashes as well. This could be the case here, so it is better to completely exit Whatsapp and reopen it. Here`s how. Irene, please let us know which iPhone model you are using and which iOS version. Please also check if you are using the latest version of WhatsApp on your device. Possible updates can be found in the App Store. I`m connected to the internet, but WhatsApp and Facebook apps don`t work on my iPhone. I reset my network settings, uninstalled and reinstalled WhatsApp and Facebook. But he continues to say that the internet is not connected. I checked with Wi-Fi and cellular. Sometimes large apps like WhatsApp are regularly maintained. You may not be able to use WhatsApp while maintaining the server.

Check these reports to see if WhatsApp`s servers are down or under maintenance. If you have installed the latest version of Facebook and synced your contacts between your device`s address book and the Facebook app, WhatsApp may be unavailable. So, you can try to disable Facebook contacts sync to fix this problem. Unlike a master reset or factory reset, resetting all settings won`t erase your iPhone data. All it does is reset the system settings to their original or default values so that you can turn certain features on or off to keep your iPhone running as expected. The first and most obvious troubleshooting tip is to exit the app completely.