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When Are You Legally Married in Maine

Even if a state allows marriage with parental or court permission, there is usually still a minimum age to prevent very young children from marrying. Unfortunately, these age of marriage laws have not completely eliminated the child bride problem in the United States today. While we often associate this phenomenon with the poorest countries, the Tahirih Justice Center estimates that there are up to 3,000 cases of forced marriage of underage girls in the United States. If you are married, give your marriage certificate to the person performing the ceremony to complete the “ceremony” section of the marriage certificate. This includes obtaining the signatures of two (2) witnesses and the signature of the public servant. The person performing the ceremony cannot be one of the two witnesses to the ceremony. The marriage certificate can only be completed in black ink. NOTE: If a Maine resident travels to another state to marry in order to circumvent Maine`s requirements, or if a non-resident comes to Maine to circumvent the requirements of his or her state of residence, the marriage is considered null and void. Marriage licenses can be issued without an appointment. Starting April 25, 2017, you can allow approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete the application process when applying for your marriage certificate. Licences are issued Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and Thursdays until 5:30 p.m.

The cost is $40.00 for the license. Both parties must be present. A couple needs a marriage certificate. Maine marriage licenses are issued at the municipal government (city/municipality) level. The bride and groom must go to one of their town halls to apply for the license in person. The parish clerk will witness the signature of the bride and groom on the marriage certificate/marriage certificate; The person performing the wedding ceremony (see below) will complete and sign the marriage certificate after the ceremony. (Once completed, the licence form becomes a marriage certificate). If the bride and groom are residents of Maine but live in different cities, they can apply to the two cities that suit them best, as long as one of the spouses is a resident of the city. In both municipalities, it is not necessary to apply.

If only one is a Maine resident, apply to that resident`s community. If neither party to a marriage is resident in Maine, the couple can apply to any Maine municipal office and then legally marry in Maine. Need to know how to get married in Maine? Fortunately, the process is very simple. In this article, I`ve listed all the steps to get your marriage license and get married in Maine, and I`ve even provided some important information on how to get your marriage license. Be sure to read this information, as you won`t find it on any other website, and it`s based on my years of experience with couples getting married here. Maine welcomes all couples who wish to marry in the state, including LGBT+ couples, whether they are residents or non-residents. However, it requires you and your future spouse to meet the age requirement. You must both be at least 18 years old to accept the marriage. State laws allow exceptions for minors 16 years of age and older who have the written consent of their parents or guardians.

In the case of minors under the age of 16, an inheritance judge must determine whether the marriage is in the best interests of the couple. If this is the case, the judge can formally approve the marriage. Want to know how to get married in Maine? Ok, first you need a marriage certificate. Marriage licenses are issued at the city level and obtained by filing a Maine State Intent to Intend form for Intent to Marriage. Both members of the couple who are getting married must go to the city office in person to apply for the marriage license. Some cities are waiving the personal requirement and issuing licenses by mail due to COVID-19, but check your city`s website or call them for more information. Marriage is essentially a contract, so you must have the capacity to enter into a contract, so be an adult or have permission from your parents. In Maine, the legal age for contract liability is 18, also known as the “age of majority.” However, sometimes you can marry before the age of 18, for example with the consent of the court or parents. Once married, a minor is automatically emancipated and treated as if he or she were of age.

Please note that a copy of your marriage certificate will not automatically be sent to you after your marriage. Your marriage certificate must be requested separately. If you are getting married at the town hall, a copy of your marriage certificate can be ordered at the time of your wedding. A certified copy of your marriage certificate costs $15.00 for the first copy and $6.00 for additional copies ordered at the same time. Click here for more information on obtaining a marriage certificate. In Maine, marriages can be contracted by ordained ministers and other licensed clergy, as well as by Maine judges, lawyers, or notaries. In addition, a boat captain may preside over weddings at sea. After the ceremony, the completed marriage certificate and marriage certificate must be submitted to the municipality that issued the form. The couple does not have to worry about submitting the completed marriage certificate to the municipal office that issued the license, as the person performing the marriage is the only party who can submit the certificate. Most marriage officials receive a certified copy of the completed and submitted marriage certificate for the newlyweds.

Alternatively, the couple can obtain a certified copy (with a raised municipal seal) of the form from the same municipality that issued it, either by going to the municipal office or by requesting the form by mail. The cost of obtaining a certified copy of the municipality`s marriage certificate is usually $15.00. If you request the copy by mail, you must include an addressed stamped envelope that the clerk can use to send you the copies. Another possibility in some areas is that at the same time as the license application, the couple requires the city clerk to send a copy to their home once the official has submitted the form after the wedding. The couple was able to pay the extra fees at that time and save a step after the wedding. A prenuptial agreement is a contract that couples can enter into before they marry to determine how the couple`s property will be divided at the time of divorce and how much support a partner can pay under a future divorce settlement. While it may seem a little less romantic to discuss what will happen in the event of a divorce before marriage, prenuptial agreements can minimize financial risk and simplify the divorce process in case the marriage doesn`t work out. Marriages are especially important for couples who marry in unequal financial situations. If one or both of you were already married, you must be able to prove the divorce, annulment or death of a previous spouse.

If these documents are written in a language other than English, you will have to pay the cost of translating them. First-degree cousins must also prove that they have undergone genetic counseling. Those who want to get married in Maine must obtain a marriage license before a marriage takes place. The purpose of a marriage certificate is to provide proof that a couple is allowed to enter into a legally recognized marriage. A marriage certificate is not the same as a marriage certificate – a marriage certificate is a marriage certificate that is available after a couple is legally married. The first step in marriage is to file an application for intent to marry in order to obtain a marriage certificate. People who wish to marry in the state of Maine must apply for a marriage certificate from the parish clerk`s office. If one of the applicants wishes to marry before the age of 16, the clerk of the parish must notify the judge of succession when intentions to marry are deposited in his office. If no written consent from the judge has been received within 30 days after the submission of intentions, the consent is deemed to have been received and the registrar may issue the licence. All staff in the clerk`s office are Maine notaries and may perform marriage ceremonies. Wedding ceremonies are performed by appointment. The cost of the ceremony is $50.00.

Two witnesses are required and must be presented by the married couple. NOTE: DUE TO ELECTIONS, WE CANNOT SCHEDULE WEDDING CEREMONIES BETWEEN 11/10 AND 11/11. If a Maine couple is married out of state, they must follow the laws of the marriage destination, and then their marriage will be legally recognized upon their return to Maine (unless the marriage violates Maine marriage laws, such as Maine`s prohibitions against polygamy). A copy of the marriage certificate must then be submitted to the municipal office of the couple`s place of residence. Like everything else, Maine weddings have certain legal requirements that engaged couples should consider as part of their planning (OK, not the most exciting or fun part of planning!). But knowing the legality of marriage and the requirements for a marriage certificate well before marriage will be one less thing to worry about as the big day approaches! Whether you`re a lobster bun, a blueberry fanatic, or a fan of coastal views, Maine is an idyllic state where you can get married, whether you live year-round or visit for a special occasion. There is a plethora of cities scattered across the state, each unique in its New England vibe and varying tourist popularity, from Ogunquit to Portland. Whichever ME city you choose for your ceremony and celebration, the process of obtaining a Maine marriage license is the same.