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Soundness Biblical Definition

Very few people of our generation learn to think critically. Only a few have learned to think “God`s thoughts.” Christian thought will be concrete, will be the real world, will inform emotions (and not the other way around) and will be immutable – as God is! The “healthy mind” of our passage is the Greek word sophronismos, which is a compound word that includes the word saos (safe – store-related) and phren (mind, thinking, being aware) – essentially an exhortation or appeal to the mind health or self-control (vine), similar to sobriety. This type of mental discipline can be called critical thinking because it has certain parameters set by God Himself. First, God is sovereign. Second, God is the Creator and Author of all that exists, and therefore He is the one to whom all will be responsible. Third, man is his supreme creation, created in his image, and is therefore entitled to all the inalienable rights that only God can give. Fourth, sin has damaged the image of God in man. Fifth, the perfect Son of God became one of us and gave His life as a sacrifice for many, so that the redeemed could be justified before their Creator by obedient faith. 3.

Strength; Strength; Solidity; Truth; such as the validity of the argumentation or argumentation, doctrine or principles. 4. Truth; Straightness; Strength; the absence of errors or errors; Orthodoxy; as a firmness of faith. Hover over the biblical text underlined in the verses on this page (as shown). Pop-ups display translations and definitions based on the original source font. Click to pin the displayed definition. Click the “Strong Concordance Details” button for more information, including related verses. I have also been told that you touch with some critical acuity. mentioned those who were subject to censorship to show that I read Origen only as I had listened to them, that is, not because of its solidity in the.

/…/13 I am further told.htm Here is perfect solidity in the Bible. What does the Greek source word ὁλοκληρία mean and how is it used in the Bible? Below are the details of the English definition. Below are also examples of Bible verses highlighted in yellow (follow this link to get there). Tap or hover over underlined blue words to see more original scriptures and meanings. Information from Strong`s Concordance[1]. How to know if a sentence is figurative. is certainly this: everything in the Word of God which, taken literally, cannot be related either to the purity of life or to the solidity of doctrine. /…/Augustine/On Christian Doctrine in Four Books /Chapter 10 How Are We.htm Acts 3:16By believing in His name, His name strengthened this man you see and know.

Yes, the faith that is through him has given him this perfect solidity in the presence of all of you. (WEB KJV ASV DBY WBS YLT) When pride comes [which boils down to an arrogant attitude of authoritarianism], shame and shame come, but among the humble [the teachable ones who have been chiseled by trial and learned to walk humbly with God] there is wisdom and spiritual reason. On what is noble and virtuous, and what is the difference between . To try to make some kind of distinction between them, we can say that what is virtuous can be compared to good health and the health of the body. /…/Ambrose/Works and epistles of St. Ambrose/Chapter XLV on what is.htm 724. Arukka — Healing, restoration. Ou rarukah {ar-oo-kaw`}; feminine passive participle of `arak (in the sense of restoring solidity); Integrity (literally or figuratively) – health, invented. /hebrew/724.htm – 6k No elder or preacher is infallible. Sometimes the ancients confuse solidity with infallibility.

They “think” they are healthy, so they must be obeyed infallibly, and anyone, whether a preacher or not, who does not submit to their decrees is a troublemaker. My brothers, solidity and infallibility are, to say the least, incompatible! No one should consider themselves “healthy” simply because of their biblical agreement on one or two points. But let him immerse himself in the Word of God, and if he “really clings to the faithful Word,” then let him be considered “healthy.” The prayers of the pagan Cornelius did not go unnoticed either. What, then, is it good for a person to have a healthy faith, or perhaps only solidity in the sacrament of faith, if the solidity of his love is removed? /…/Writings related to the Donatist controversy /Chapter 8 10 Nor .htm The healing power of the name. His name by faith in his name has strengthened this man whom you see and know: yes, the faith that is through him has given him this perfect solidity in the . /…/Maclaren/Interpretations of Sacred Scripture The Acts of the Apostles/The Healing Power of.htm 2. Intact state of an animal or plant body; A condition in which the organs are complete and regularly perform their functions. We say, the health of the body, the health of the constitution, the health of health. 1. integrity; Whole; an intact, unaffected or unruined condition; than the strength of wood, fruit, teeth, a limb, etc. One of the phrases most associated with writing a will is the phrase: “Me, sane ?…. How do you recognize it? True mental health is a wonderful blessing. We live in a brutal world that has been reduced to its cruel state since the first days after creation because of mankind`s sin (Genesis 1–3).

Sin speaks against true sanity of the mind. Romans 1:21ff says, “Although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, they were not grateful, but they were in vain in their minds, and their foolish hearts were darkened. By pretending to be wise, they went mad and turned the glory of the incorruptible God into an image created as a corruptible man. who traded God`s truth for a lie. and although they did not want to keep God in their knowledge, God gave them to a humble spirit. Our course in this study is to determine two points. First of all, what is solidity? Then, how much can we maintain solidity once we find them? 4998. Sophron — common-minded, self-controlled. static.

Biblical (4998) describes “but rather” (K.