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San Francisco Defecate in Public Legal

To kick off the initiative, the Pit Stop programme piloted three public toilets in the Tenderloin – and the city had good reason to start there. SAN FRANCISCO – It`s official. The streets of San Francisco are now public restrooms, as quality of life violations are ignored – as if they weren`t already! This is not compassion for the homeless. It condemns people to the consequences of misery. I`m originally from Southern California, but I moved to Texas when I retired from law enforcement. I have family members who live in the Bay Area, so we visited San Francisco frequently. A few years ago, however, I said I had had enough after overly aggressive panners ruined a day of sightseeing at Fisherman`s Wharf. But the coup de grace for me was walking into a public washroom near BART station and witnessing a tramp who took manure from the sink when public cubicles were available. Integrating quality of life issues will benefit both citizens and offenders. Regardless of your point of view, no one wants to have these problems on their doorstep. But that`s exactly what San Francisco`s public policy advocates, and therefore shirks responsibility. If they truly had compassion for the homeless, they would promote and implement programs that would help the oppressed become clean, sober and employable. This is compassion, not the promotion of a lack of self-control where people look up from the bottom of a toilet bowl.

Yet since the pandemic, public restrooms have undoubtedly become harder to find for everyone from the undetained to tourists, said Tyler Kyser, policy director of the Coalition Against Homelessness. Boudin, a progressive lawyer and former public defender, defeated the city`s attorney general last week after promising sweeping criminal justice reforms. He was one of several progressive candidates elected to district attorneys across the country in recent years — a strategy regularly funded by ultra-liberal billionaire George Soros. Launched in 2014, the Pit Stop program is an initiative that offers free public washrooms in select locations. With 33 locations now open in 13 areas of the city, pit stops are frequented by paid staff during working hours and provide running water, soap and other services such as dog waste bags and needle disposal boxes. San Francisco`s newly elected district attorney has vowed not to prosecute public urination and other quality-of-life crimes that have hit the lucrative San Francisco Bay Area amid a crippling homelessness crisis in California`s urban communities. Excrement on the street has another obvious cause: lack of access to toilets. Many companies limit their bathrooms only to customers precisely because they don`t want their facilities frequented by homeless people. But “privatizing bathrooms” means people don`t have obvious places to go.

There are even websites that offer tips on how to go to the bathroom in San Francisco, like pretending to be interested in furniture at Crate & Barrel or finding the “hidden gem” of a bathroom on the second floor of a banana republic. The city has installed 25 small, self-cleaning public toilets and recently ordered a series of futuristic new bathrooms, but a few dozen toilets for a city of 870,000 people are woefully inadequate. Access to the bathroom should be considered a fundamental right, and it is worth considering the idea of banning toilets “for customers only”. In a city with generous public spaces and a commitment to equal access, no one would ever have to use the street. In February 2018, the investigative unit examined 153 blocks in downtown San Francisco and found a dangerous mix of drug syringes, garbage and human waste. Infectious disease experts have compared the city to some of the dirtiest slums in the world. Dr. Lee Riley of UC Berkeley noted that contamination — especially from discarded needles — could cause HIV, hepatitis C, hepatitis B and a host of other viral diseases. The investigation also revealed questionable spending at Public Works, the city`s department responsible for street cleaning. Since then, Mohammed Nuru, the head of this agency, has been accused of corruption. Nuru remains at the center of an FBI investigation. Shortly after his arrest, he resigned as Director of Public Works.

“We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes,” he said. “Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, urinating in public, blocking a sidewalk, etc. should not and will not be prosecuted. Many of these crimes are still being prosecuted; We still have a long way to go to decriminalize poverty and homelessness. » TOURIST WARNING: Just because these crimes have been decriminalized in San Francisco doesn`t mean you dare to believe you can use a plastic straw when you`re having a drink. This act became illegal in July this year. Still, if you want a needle to “shoot” heroin, they will provide you with one. The idea that public servants are not bothered by this behavior sends a big message – at least to me. STAY AWAY, we don`t need your patronage! So I`ll do it. Goodbye, San Francisco! If God does not call me back to ministry, I will stay away. In the November 3 election, San Francisco voted overwhelmingly to create a new Department of Sanitation and Roads. The new department would take over many of the tasks currently assigned to public works, including cleaning streets and sidewalks, maintaining garbage cans, removing graffiti and illegally disposed of, and maintaining toilets and street trees.

The measure will also create two separate five-member commissions: one to oversee the new wastewater department and the other to oversee public works. However, the new department will not be created until fiscal year 2022-2023. The policies implemented in San Francisco are not compassionate. In fact, they are cruel, as the end results simply allow for more homelessness and drug use, causing a public health crisis that affects everyone. San Francisco is struggling with quality of life issues as the area`s homeless population has grown. Local residents have complained about homeless camps blocking sidewalks and contributing to crime, public urination and street feces. Giving the green light to these problems will not solve any problem. It will only promote more of the same. We should not allow adults to do in public what we would prohibit children from doing at home. When shops were allowed to reopen, many private and public indoor toilets were available for people who would otherwise have used the sidewalk. Indoor stores were closed in San Francisco for most of 2020 because the city was generally more restrictive than the state. Ignoring quality-of-life crimes produces more of the same.

California`s welfare system is a public trough, now the streets of San Francisco officially become public restrooms, a brothel, a drug “shooting range” and a campground, while a man being treated in the public defense attorney`s office will make policy decisions for their prosecutors. (It seems that the fox guards the chicken coop. Attention, SFPD!) San Francisco Public Works, which oversees street cleaning efforts, largely attributes the sharp rise in a number of cases where feces was found on the streets to the coronavirus lockdown, resulting in the closure of many private and public restrooms.